About Grindhouse

Grindhouse offers top quality products for every type of person, from connoisseur to novice. Our product line ranges from grinders, vaporizers, RYO products to pollen presses! Whether you’re loading a pipe, blunt, vaporizer, bubbler or just looking for a good sesh, Grindhouse pioneered perfection and put it in your hands.

Airplane-grade aluminum, magnetic tops, diamond shaped cutting teeth, precision machined designs, ergonomic grips and shapes, hand cranks, kief collectors, see-through chambers and more  – all qualities that come together to make the world’s best herb grinders and products. 

Get your Grind On!

Premium materials make Grindhouse Grinders are world class.

We use only airplane grade aluminum (an alloy used for strength, weight, durability and low price),
precision machined for ergonomic design and anodized to hold beautiful color that will never flake or peel.
Premium Neodymium Magnets.

These help securely place on the lid and body to hold everything tight, 
lowering the chances of a spill. Pollen chambers use surgical steel mesh screens to catch that kief.
Expert Design

We deliver secure hand grips for easy twisting, diamond-shaped cutting teeth for precision shredding, 
and perfect hole patterns for completely consistent grinds.